wine glass cover protecting against insects and debris. Perfect for outdoor dining or any kind of social gathering such as wedding, family reunion, corporate retreat, bridal shower, etc.

A convenient option for business owners and/or representatives who would like to include Toppers in their inventory for only $4.75 each!

Minimum size order is 50 Z-shape GlassToppers. 

On our end we offer:

1. Individualized selection of charms

2. Individualized selection of packaging. We can create any combination of the following options:

     a. Individually tagged (booklet-type tag, when unfolded it is close in size to a regular business card)

     b. Pack of 4 in a high-clarity gift bag

     c. Pack of 4 in a high-clarity box 

3. The inclusion of your business' logo on each tag

4. A possibility of manufacturing charms with your logo

5. Posting information about your business/store on our Web site

6. Posting information (stories, photos) about your business/store on our Facebook page

GlassToppers offer an unique and elegant way to protect one's drink against insects and debris. Their zig-zagish shape makes sure that the Topper will stay securely on the top of your drinking container when carried around. Ideal for any kind of outdoor parties or gatherings, such as weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, or camping trips. 

Size: 0.75 inches high and 4 inches in base diameter to fit many glass-lip sizes (e.g. tea/coffee mug, wine/beer/juice/cider glass, etc.). Toppers are made of high-grade stainless steel mesh and are dishwasher safe (although hand-washing is recommended). They are also electropolished for corrosion resistance and superior shine. Stackable for easy storage

Our Toppers are proudly made in the U.S.A

Shelf Ready (min. 50) Only $4.75 each!

Price: $237.50
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